Restaurant Bürgli

Passion for the Bürgli

As owners and partners since 2003, Regula Gloor Belide and Catharina Joss bring a touch of “girl power” to the management of the Bürgli. They embody the qualities that keep diners returning again and again – passion for cuisine, quest for excellence, and the desire for every guest to leave happy and satisfied!

Regula Gloor Belide und Catharina Joss

Regula Gloor Belide and Catharina Joss

“Our guests are as different as the paths they take to arrive at the Bürgli, and we delight in offering something to satisfy every taste. Whether it’s meat, fish, or vegetarian, classic or with a twist; you will be sure to find something on our menu that tempts you. And in everything, we strive to fulfill our motto: freshness and quality come first.” Regula Gloor Belide and Catharina Joss have owned and managed the Bürgli together since 2003.

Samuel Guggisberg, Head Chef

Samuel Guggisberg, Head Chef

“Guests who catch a glimpse of our kitchen often exclaim how small it is. True, it can be hectic at times, but we are an experienced team who work very well together. One special part of working at the Bürgli is cooking al fresco in summer and early fall. Our outdoor kitchen is very well-equipped and located only a few meters from the dining tables in the garden. Guests can watch their meals being prepared right before their eyes, which is a unique experience in an already-beautiful setting.” Samuel Guggisberg joined the Bürgli in 2009.

Kiona Zingg, Chef de Service

"It is a pleasure to be able to spoil our guests and to work in a team where team spirit has top priority. We are always glad to see you again!"

Fabienne Guggisberg, Chef de Restaurant

Fabienne Guggisberg, Chef de Restaurant

“Different guests, great ambience and our incredible team make Bürgli the special place where work is combined with joy and motivation."

«Only those who burn can kindle a fire in others.»

St. Augustine